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About Dr. Brandon Kim

Founder Simplicity Health | Simplicity Weight Loss Center

Dr. Brandon Kim is the founder and the passionate visionary of optimized health and wellness model. Having served for over 12 years as the CEO of Camelback Health Care, he is a highly sought after expert in the field of health & wellness performance optimization and an expert in the field of carnitine shuttle pathway enhanced fat metabolism and muscle sparing, adequate protein high bioavailability modalities to help patients lose weight and achieve optimal performance. He is a certified health and wellness coach, optimized performance coach, and has a passion for nutritional counseling and medical managed weight loss. He is a specialist in the Ideal Protein method. 

Dr. Anne-Marie Reed

Dr. Anne-Marie Reed is a nationally recognized family physician and age management expert who specializes in bioidentical hormone pellet replacement for men and women. She provides compassionate boutique family medicine and integrates highly effective wellness and health optimization protocols to help her patients live young. Dr. Reed serves as the medical director for Simplicity Weight Loss Center | Simplicity Health. Her unique and effective approach to family medicine and wellness provides results that receive rave reviews from her patients.  Trigger goes here

Our Approach

Simplicity Weight Loss Center and Simplicity Health provides highly acclaimed medical managed weight loss programs designed to simplify the process of weight loss, weight loss maintenance, and optimized performance and wellness in the years to come. In short, we will become your life and wellness coach for years to come.

Our Process

By incorporating cutting edge scientific principles and advances in the field of metabolic science, nutrition, and wellness, we achieve life changing results that are reproducible and sustainable. Our unique H.E.A.L. counseling and coaching method is the reason why our patients achieve life changing results. We are passionate leaders in the field of medicine, metabolic sciences, and performance and optimized wellness.


Simplicity Weight Loss Center and Simplicity Health was founded by Dr. Brandon Kim. Dr. Anne-Marie Reed joins this incredible wellness organization to focus specifically on medical managed weight loss and performance wellness. The foundational medical and scientific developments from Camelback Health Care is implemented at Simplicity Weight Loss Center and Simplicity Health.

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Weight Loss and Nutritional Coaching

We provide diverse coaching and counseling programs to help you lose weight, achieve optimal health, and maintain that weight.

Life Changing Results

We provide simplified pathway to achieve the goals that you and your counselor sets together. By incorporating H.E.A.L. process of coaching we are with you every step of the way with passion and proven scientific methods.

Optimized Wellness Plans

We provide custom tailored health and wellness programs to continue your journey after losing weight. From boutique family medicine to bioidentical hormones, please explore our comprehensive services to learn more.

Learn How we achieve life changing results through H.E.A.L. coaching method

It all starts with YOU the patient. We identify hope and inject a great deal of motivation to achieve HOPE. EMPOWERMENT is next through identification and custom tailoring the newfound motivation and healthy habit formation by providing scientifically based education, habit formation, and nurturing behavior modification. We guide you through each step of the process by implementing ACCOUNTABILITY to ensure that you stay on track through metrics. We then provide unparalleled guidance and love. LOVE is what separates us from other clinics and organizations in the world. We help you achieve the goals that you set together with Simplicity Weight Loss counselors and coaches. We ensure proper maintenance through various performance and wellness coaching so that you will continue to improve both in wellness and in life.

Life Changing Results & Transformations


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