Before meeting Dr.Kim I was frustrated to say the least at where I had let my health and wellness go. I was disappointed with what I looked like in the mirror, sick of not feeling optimal, and tired of not having any confidence with who I was as a person. I had tried numerous programs to lose weight but was never able to achieve the desired results.

After seeing the success of a close friend lose weight, keep it off and turn his life around I had to know how he did it. He referred me to Dr. Kim and my life changing journey began.

When I meet with Dr. Kim he assessed where I was currently, talked to me about my goals and mapped out a game plan on how to get there. Throughout the process he educated me, provided the support I needed and kept me motivated to keep going. The weekly coaching and accountability that he provides was so crucial to my success.

In 3 months I lost 60 pounds and 10 inches of my waist. My self confidence rose and for the first time in a long time I felt great about who I saw in the mirror. I highly recommend Dr. Kim and am more than grateful that I met him.

Daniel Bartalits