The purpose of this testimonial is to recommend Dr. Brandon Kim for those that are seeking a positive lifestyle change through a proven nutritional program. Let me explain.

Although very active, weight management had always been a struggle for me. After trying many different plans, it became apparent that I needed guidance and sustainability with my dietary habits. A colleague recommended Dr. Kim.

On March 4th 2019, I met with Dr. Kim to discuss the Ideal Protein Plan and the need for a weight management lifestyle change. After a series of questions to better understand my goals, Dr. Kim explained the 4 phases of the program and what could be accomplished if I followed his instructions. Dr. Kim’s medical background, success in the field, and passion convinced me to work with him. The following were my key metrics on that day: weight 250lbs, waist 42”, hips 39”, and 37% body fat.

During the initial phases of the program, Dr. Kim coached and thoroughly explained how I was progressing. As we moved from the initial to the final phase, he provided an exercise plan that would allow my body to regain strength and definition. As I write this testimonial, my key metrics are: weight 192lbs, hips 33”, waist 32”, and body fat around 14%. In addition to the changes in my physique, some of the medications prescribed by other doctors have been eliminated or the dosage significantly reduced. As a 60 year old, I feel like I’m 40 again!

Working with Dr. Kim was exactly what I needed. His program and approach led to a lifestyle change that has positively impacted my health. Thus, I would highly recommend Dr. Kim to anyone that is seeking a sustainable dietary program that will lead to a healthier and more energetic lifestyle.

John Murphy