Wellness and health optimization injection and infusion therapy

We are leaders in wellness and provide the highest quality and custom dosing for wellness and weight loss applications which includes Liposhot, B12 shot, and IV therapy.  We utilize the highest custom compounded solutions and injectables to ensure safety and high-quality results.  Our infusion therapies are highly effective for anti-aging, detox, energy, immune system rejuvenation, as well as helping to achieve the correct antioxidant and electrolyte balance.  It is safe and effective.  We are the only organization that provides these services in a completely integrated fashion to ensure health optimization.  There is a difference in where you obtain these services.  Let us educate you and provide a custom plan for your wellness today.  Some of our service offerings are:

1. B12 injections

2. B12 and MIC (Liposhot)

3. L Carnitine Injections

4. CoQ 10 Injections

5. BCAA injections

6. Glutathione Injections

7. Twist™ Injections

8. Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Energy, Detox Infusion Therapies