World Class Medical Weight Loss Program

We are passionate leaders in the field of medical weight loss management.  Our diverse treatment options include customized nutritional and diet programs complemented by H.E.A.L. coaching methodology that enhances motivation and behavioral modification.


We provide life changing sustainable weight loss programs for all walks of life. Our scientific and proprietary methodology of reducing pancreatic activity and enhancing mitochondrial physiology yields phenomenal weight loss while preserving muscle mass. We provide compassionate counseling and coaching that leads to enhanced habits that last a lifetime. We equip you with the facts on nutrition, truth about how your body metabolizes various food groups, and personalized plans that will develop into life changing habits.

The main aspect of our program that sets us apart from any other weight loss clinics or weight loss doctors is our compassionate and caring approach to each individual’s motivational and counseling needs.  Anyone can lose weight if they stick to it.  Our program is different because we passionately provide rigorous support and counseling that yields lasting patient knowledge base and high performance habits and behavior.

We provide weight loss programs for patients from all walks of life. We believe that “every pound has a story”. Therefore, motivations and desires for weight loss differs from one patient to another. By incorporating our H.E.A.L. methodology of counseling and coaching, we provide world class, life changing weight loss programs for:

1. Patients with chronic diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, and more, will benefit from our focused and integrated approach to help reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for medication.  It’s amazing how your body has this immense ability to heal, if you will just let it do its job.

2. Patients who are obese or are at suboptimal BMI and who have been bouncing around from one program after another, and those who are tired of the “yo-yo dieting” and want to take control of their body and their appearance.

3. Patients who desire optimization of their body composition. 

4. Athletes looking for performance edge and leaner and stronger definition.

We utilize the highly acclaimed Ideal Protein method to achieve outstanding results. Our diverse application of this high bioavailability protein source provides unparalleled results for our patients. In addition, we have custom tailored micronutrition and supplement therapies to help you achieve and exceed your goals and expectations. Unlike many micronutrition and supplements that are available, we utilize pharmaceutical and high-performance grade custom tailored therapies to achieve world class results.

We understand that personal goals and situations differ for each patient.   We strive to offer our highly acclaimed methodology for all walks of life, financial abilities, and goals.

In that spirit, we offer:

Simplicity Freedom Program

This program was designed to help patients who may be limited in their budget to offer highly successful DIY program.  This program includes the highly acclaimed Freedom Plan that is designed to help detoxify your organ systems, reset the metabolic machinery, and reduce pancreatic activity levels.  The basic blue print along with step-by-step instructions will ensure that you will have access to our highly acclaimed protocol.  This includes a introductory video orientation guide, blue print of the freedom plan, and food items list that will ensure that your weight loss gets started on the right footing.  This is a program that you can follow until you achieve your goals.  If you have the desire and the discipline to self-guide yourself in your weight loss journey, this program is right for you.  We have graduated over 123 patients who have successfully achieved their goals.


Virtual Weight loss and wellness counseling

This is a highly customized solution for patients who do not reside in the Phoenix or Scottsdale Arizona or for those who need more one on one guidance to accelerate their weight loss and wellness journey.  We provide comprehensive telemedicine and teleconference capabilities to enhance and simplify the process of obtaining counseling.  This is especially important for patients who desire to participate in our on-line, virtual DIY style weight loss programs or for those who participate in Simplicity Online Education Weight Loss Programs.

  • Affordable online membership program designed to provide all the amenities needed for successful weight loss and maintenance.
  • Access to highly sophisticated membership portal complete with meal planning, customized fitness tracking/exercise guidance, and discussion boards.
  • Access to email support and coaching.
  • Discounted teleconference/telemedicine coaching sessions


Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

This highly acclaimed high bioavailability protein meal replacement program has helped over 510 patients achieve their goals and keep their weight off.  This includes in-person (Phoenix Arizona only) one on one coaching, counseling, education, and scientific body composition measurements to ensure success.  Please contact us for more information and see if you are a good fit for this program.  We will discuss requirements, go over your medical records and recent labs, and assess you for a customized plan.  Get started today to see if you qualify to be on this life changing program.

 Please click here for more information on Ideal Protein Method >

Customized Nutritional Planning and Counseling

For those who require more in-depth and customized plan we provide various plans spanning wide range of service offerings from DIY model to highly monitored performance driven programs.  Each patient is different and has different goals or financial abilities.  We can custom tailor plans to fit every goals, involvement, and budget.  Schedule a consultation today to find out more and find out why so many patients are raving about this program.


High Performance and Athletic Nutritional Counseling & Coaching

This is specific for high performance patients whose nutritional needs are geared towards high performance athletics to fitness goals.  We provide customized exercise plans complete with exercise and nutritional regiment, along with our highly acclaimed injection and infusion therapies to achieve top body composition and performance.  Schedule a consultation today and take your fitness to the next level.


Customized High-Performance Supplement Counseling and Injection Therapies

Not all supplements are created equal and with so many products out on the market today it can become downright confusing.  We simplify this process by developing our own custom 1Simplicity brand.  1Simplicity is a highly customized, high performance pharmaceutical grade supplements for all aspects of your life including weight management, athletic performance, hormone balancing, and general health and wellness.  Our special proprietary blend and formulation provides the edge that you need for whatever your current health and wellness goals are.  Our unique approach to counseling and custom tailoring specific nutritional supplements is the reason why elite athletes and weight loss patients continually seek out our services.

Simplicity’s Injection and Infusion Therapies are the very best formulations for the edge that patients need to achieve success in their weight loss, anti-aging, hormone balancing, and general optimization.  We provide the highest quality custom compounded injection therapies for Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine, MIC (Liposhot), CoQ10, and our very own  Twist™ Injection program to help achieve performance and anti-aging properties.  We have various high-quality injection therapy programs aimed at energy, detox, and anti-aging.  Contact us today to find out more.